Marc Picornell

Marc is a Chief Technologist at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Service helping customers to embrace the digital revolution focusing on their IT strategy and transformation across Europe. With a strong focus on innovation and agility, he advises at the C-level with clients such as Alcatel-Lucent, Fastweb, Ericsson, Orange, Carrefour, Adecco, Veolia and ISP’s such as SFR, Eircom, and BT where the average Total Customer Value (TCV) exceeds 100M$. He is also a key contributor to the HP Cloud and Open Source strategy.

Cumulatively, Marc has more than 20 years international experience, primarily in IT and Telecommunication, but also in the Finance, Retail and Automotive sectors with brands such as JP Morgan, Alstom, SABRE, UPS, Total and Atos. Marc started his career (pre internet) as an Engineer in the early days of PC, Mac and File sharing technology. “Connected” since 1989, he witnessed the debut of the digital age and hasn’t skipped a beat since. Consistently an early adopter of new technologies, he started with BBS and Compuserve and today… Linux, IPv6, Cloud, Open Source, Internet of Things and Big-Data.

Academically, Marc started as an engineer and more recently completed the Advance Management Program at MIT-Sloan with a focus on Management, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship. To further his studies, in 2013 he enrolled in the Executive MBA program at Institute Mines-Telecom Business School. With an emphasis on “Leading Innovation in a Digital World” the program includes visiting and exploring major ecosystems in India, Finland, and the Silicon Valley.

Marc is deeply involved in the Startup ecosystem in the Silicon Valley and Paris. In this realm, he serves on two Advisory Boards, is involved in fund raising with Business Angels, and organizes Startup Weekend in France. He is also a lecturer at Institut Mines-Telecom Business School about Lean Startup and Business Model.